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Still Guerrilla! Films is an independent film and production company producing life-inspired film art for the socially aware.  Please, feel free to enjoy some of our latest titles and stay tuned for our future releases.

  • The Writer
  • Snow: A Tale of Threes
  • Brag
  • Cured
  • Wigged
  • A Kiss
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Snow: A Tale of Threes


The Writer


A Kiss


Rail Country

Rail Country - The Documentary

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Indie Powered

SGF takes pride in providing the best creativity-rich media possible. Now that crowdfunding is becoming popular, our viewers now have the chance to help us make films. Now that’s as indie as you can get! It is also our goal to create film projects with reasonable and fair budgets and hope that in the future we can build a co-op style film community.

Still Guerrilla!

Say it loud! Guerrilla and proud! Success, satisfaction and Guerrilla means different things to different people. For Still Guerrilla! Films, success and satisfaction means freedom and Guerrilla means being resourceful. These also mean not giving our consent to creative limitations. Guerrilla!

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Art is reflective of the current condition of a society and filmmaking is art. SGF films reflect a part of society that is aware, mature, responsible, compassionate, and most importantly, honest. In addition, our films make a point, offer a solution, inspire or jar viewers into awareness. Our audiences are those who are like-minded and that’s a reality we can live with….